A Furry Tale of Compassion

Hello non-fur people. My name is Tess. I appreciate you taking the time to read a little about how I’ve been helping my furry friends at Young-Williams Animal Center. Like some of you, I have chores around the house and earn an allowance when I get them all done. You know, chores like picking up my toys, keeping squirrels out … Read More

Help Our Pets Simply By Shopping!

When you shop at Kroger you can help fur babies in need! Do you plan to shop at Kroger this holiday season? Did you know Kroger will donate a percent of sales to Young Williams Animal Center if you link your Kroger card to support this organization? Its fast, easy and costs you nothing! Please take a moment to go … Read More

Volunteers Make A Difference

  Volunteers are very important members of the Young-Williams Animal Center family.  If you like pets and want to make a difference, learn more about becoming a volunteer.  Read more.

A Message from our CEO, Jeff Ashin

This month, I am honored to say, marks my one-year anniversary with Young-Williams Animal Center. In the past year, I have been proud to witness the great strides our shelter has made for the welfare of animals in our area. Our shelter’s improvements, however, would not be possible if it weren’t for the strong community base we have in Knox … Read More

A Message from our CEO, Jeff Ashin

     When the temperature rises every year, so do the numbers of incoming animals at Young-Williams Animal Center. Historically, August  is one of YWAC’s highest intake months with the number of animals up for adoption reaching up to 300 at a given time.  The cost of caring for the animals waiting to be adopted is $35 per pet, per day. … Read More