A Furry Tale of Compassion

Hello non-fur people. My name is Tess. I appreciate you taking the time to read a little about how I’ve been helping my furry friends at Young-Williams Animal Center.

Like some of you, I have chores around the house and earn an allowance when I get them all done. You know, chores like picking up my toys, keeping squirrels out of the yard and taking my mom on walks. My “pawrents” watch a lot of TV shows about other dogs, even though I’d prefer to watch more cat mysteries, but I know I’m one of the lucky pups who has a loving family, a fuzzy bed and a full treat jar!

We’ve obviously been spending more time at home these days, which means a lot more walks! And with all these summer showers lately, I’ve had way too much fun playing in mud puddles followed, of course, by a bath at River Dog Bakery, complete with the best treats in town. Good thing I’ve been saving my allowance for those rainy days! Then I heard my “pawrents” talking about how our local shelter, Young-Williams Animal Center needs our help. Because of some virus they call COVID-19, they haven’t had as many adoptions this year, but lots more people have been opening their homes to foster these pets, which explains why I’ve seen so many new “fur-ends” walking in my neighborhood. After hearing this, I knew I had to put my best paw forward and do something.

Roux and Tess talking about helping furry friends at Young-Williams Animal Center

I jumped in the backseat, and off we went to River Dog Bakery and to see my best pal, Roux, the resident shop dog and official treat tester. I asked her what we could do to help and after she asked her humans, Pam and Brian. Roux said the animals at Young-Williams needed food, treats and puzzles because they, too, were stuck inside a little more these days without all the volunteers to come play. So, with the help of Roux’s “pawrents”, we went shopping, AND River Dog said they’d match my allowance so we could get even more great stuff! How PAWSOME is that?

Since March, we’ve been able to send so much food, treats and toys to Young-Williams. It’s really taught me how lucky I am to have a home, humans who love me and an allowance. That’s why it feels better than belly rubs to help those animals waiting for a home like mine with a family who loves them too. So maybe you, too, can help me pay it forward with a random paw of kindness.

Thank you, River Dog Bakery and my best pal, Roux, for matching my allowance over these past few months. What a difference we’ve made together! Thank you, Young-Williams Animal Center, for taking care of these sweet and deserving animals. And to all the animal lovers reading this, thank YOU for caring and maybe even sharing some of your allowance too. Hopefully I’ll see you on one of my walks!                             

– Tess the Dog