Open your heart and provide a temporary
home to an animal in need.

The Foster Program is an essential component of our vision of A Home for Every Pet and is crucial for our commitment to maintaining "No-Kill" status. Our foster families save lives by providing temporary housing, opening up shelter space for the thousands of pets who enter the center's care every year. Fosters also provide the extra care and attention often needed for very young animals and those receiving medical treatment. In 2022, our fosters cared for 2,839 pets!

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"You only have to let an animal into your heart and home for a few weeks in order to make a difference in their lives forever." 

~Tommy Nguyen, Foster Volunteer

Looking to adopt instead?

Step 1:

All animals are examined by our shelter veterinarian and given tests, age-appropriate vaccines, de-wormer and flea treatments.

Step 2:

The foster family picks up the foster animal(s) and supplies, provided by Young-Williams Animal Center at no cost.

Step 3:

The foster family brings their animal(s) to Young-Williams Animal Center a minimum of every two weeks for examination. All medical issues are treated by our vets.

Step 4:

When the animal(s) are ready for adoption, they will be placed on our adoption floor until a forever home is found ~OR~ the foster may choose to participate in our Adoption Ambassador program to assist in the adoption process (see below.)

Adoption Ambassador

An Adoption Ambassador is a foster parent/family who has been trained to find a forever home for the animal in their care. The foster parent/family is empowered to find a safe and loving home through word of mouth, social media posts and emails to friends and family or by taking their foster pets to pet-friendly places throughout town. All aspects of the adoption are completed by the foster parent/family outside the shelter, which means the pet does not have to go back for any part of the adoption process.


There is no financial cost to foster families, just a time commitment.

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