Meet Manny, a/k/a Mr. Man. In the shelter he was known to be very timid/shy and fearful of other dogs. Honestly, this pup is a night and day difference from the one I met originally! He has come out of his shell. He looooves running around in the backyard and car rides. He would be the perfect adventure partner. He already knows sit, shake and speak. He is not very into toys, but loves treats. He's very smart, a little too curious, and a bit stubborn. We're working on counter sniffing/space when humans are eating their food and jumping, but he has so much potential. He just gets very excited! He's a mutt, but has the classic hound howl, supposedly around 4 years old. He seems to have a small animal drive towards birds and squirrels so far. Also, he does still seem to have some anxiety when I'm not in his line of view. He loves his human close. He also is very curious about cats, but we are still introducing him slowly. He does get along well my other dog. He's potty trained and lets you know when he needs to go. He's constantly smiling. He's a sweet, happy boy who deserves a golden life full of love and affection.




4 years




43 pounds

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