Blanche is a loving and affectionate cat who adores human companionship. She thrives on attention and will eagerly seek out affection from her favorite people. Blanche has a gentle and nurturing demeanor, often showing her affection through gentle headbutts and purring loudly to express her happiness. She enjoys lounging on laps and being petted, and she'll gladly curl up next to you for a cozy nap. Blanche is a true sweetheart who will bring warmth and joy to any home lucky enough to have her. **Ideal Home:** Blanche would thrive in a loving and attentive household where she can receive plenty of affection and attention from her human companions. She would do best as the only pet in the home, as she prefers to be the center of attention and may feel overwhelmed by the presence of other animals. Blanche would be happiest in a calm and peaceful environment where she can relax and enjoy the company of her family. A home with adults or older children who can shower her with love and attention would be perfect for her.


Domestic Longhair


Pending Evaluation




4 pounds

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