YWAC Employee Spotlight: Wyatt

Meet Wyatt our Animal Care Specialist! He’s a wonderful human with a big heart, contagious smile, and wonderful work ethics.

1.What’s your favorite movie? I really like a lot of older Pixar movies but, Finding Nemo is probably my favorite.

2. Where did you grow up? I grew up here in Knoxville.

3. what is your favorite candy? Sour Patch Watermelon.

4. What’s your dream vacation? I’d really like to visit the vineyards and wineries in Tuscany.

5. What songs do you have downloaded on your phone? I like anything with soul regardless of when it was released. A few would be; Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin, This Is a Man’s World by James Brown, I Put a Spell On You by Nina Simone, Jolene by Dolly Parton, No Peace by Sam Smith, Fake Smile by Ariana Grande.

6. Who’s your role model? Honestly, my dog Oliver. He never judges, he is full of love, and he has such a positive nature that I aspire to.

7. Why did you want to work at YWAC? I’ve always cared really deeply about the social issue of Pet Overpopulation and the number of shelter animals we have in America. I knew I wanted to bring some happiness to those animals and hopefully be part of the solution.

8. What’s your favorite part of the job? Definitely the success stories. Nothing beats seeing a seemingly hopeless animal find their way to a safe and loving home. Looking forward to and experiencing those keeps me going.

9. What are your goals for the shelter? I would love to see the shelter reach a place where we can lessen the amount of time animals in our care spend confined to their kennels. I know YWAC has made a lot of progress with this but, I think things like; open cat areas, an expanded training program, interactive outdoor areas for dogs, etc. could really take us to the next level.

10. What advice would you give someone just 5 years younger than you? Live your life without worrying too much about what others think… Always focus on what matters… and be kind because a little positive energy goes a long way.