YWAC Employee Spotlight- Sophie

Sophie is our development manager, incredible friend, and an extremely dedicated, loyal, and hard- working staff member!

  1. What’s your favorite Thing about living in East TN?

My favorite thing about East Tennessee is being so close to the mountains and lakes, but still in a metropolitan hub with a rich culture and lots to do.

  1. What music do you have on your phone?

I think just that U2 album that everyone has! I usually just stream music and listen to Lofi Hip Hop Radio at work, Nicki Minaj for my work outs, and Coffeehouse radio at home.

  1. How many pets do you have?

Three cats, all rescued as strays. Jack, Phoebe, and Ivy.

  1. What’s your favorite food?


  1. Where’s the favorite place you’ve traveled?

I spent a semester in Ireland with my sister and had an amazing experience. We got to pop over for some weekend trips in Paris and Barcelona, too!

  1. What do your hobbies include?

I love hiking and yoga. My husband and I take my parents’ dog on a hike almost every nice weekend and I just dedicated a spare room in my house to my daily yoga practice.

  1. Book or t.v.?

I love reading, but you can’t beat binge-watching a good show on Netflix with your favorite people.

  1. Order at Starbucks?

Tall almond milk latte.

  1. Why do you like working at YWAC?

I love telling Young-Williams’ story to granters and donors. Comparing my proposals year over year, it’s so encouraging to see how much our programs are evolving and that they are having a huge impact on animal homelessness in Knoxville.

  1. What made you apply here?

I’d worked for several area non-profits before I came here and was a foster parent for YWAC for 3 years when the perfect opportunity opened up. I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to get paid to do what I love!

  1. What’s your goals in your role?

I hope I can​ help grow the financial contributions to our organization through grants and donations, because the support of our community is the only way we’ve been able to save so many lives!