YWAC Employee Spotlight! Meet Lisa

Lisa is someone who can brighten a room! She’s been with our organization for several years, and is the brain behind managing the vet clinic chaos and keeping things organized! She helps exam and prep more than 9,000 pets every year.

  1. What made you apply at YWAC? I wanted to work with animals. 
  2. What’s been your favorite moment? I’ve had several great moments stand out. One is to see a scared and neglected animal come in and become friendly and healthy in our care and find a loving forever family! 
  3. What do you like to do in you free time? Relax and watch The Golden Girls and Andy Griffith.
  4. What’s your favorite foods? I love classic steak and salad.
  5. What’s your favorite music and artists? I enjoy lots of different genres of music! But my favorite is old school country like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.
  6. What’s your favorite vacation destination? Anywhere from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach and long as I’m with good company!
  7. What’s the neatest place you’ve explored? I have taken a cruise to Mexico, it was very exciting, interesting and fun. It gave me a greater appreciation for history and different cultures. 
  8. How many pets do you own? I don’t have any pets of my own at the moment because I have my hands full and get my feel taking care of all of our pets at Young-Williams Animal Center. 
  9. Do you have family near you? All of my family lives in Knoxville except for my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter Maryanne. They live in Maynardville, but it’s a beautiful drive and view of the country. 
  10. Hobbies include: play rummy, drink wine with friends, workout, and laugh to stay sane and have fun!