Waggin’ Wednesday: Maizie

Hiya, there! My name is Maizie. Recently I found myself at Young-Williams Animal Center. Being such a tiny kitten in such a big place with lots of interesting smells and sounds can be scary, but my friends there tried to help as much as they could! Even though I got designated nap times, fun toys and treats, I couldn’t wait to find my own forever family.

One day there were a lot of people rushing back and forth. Lots of faces passed by my cage, but no one took me home… Until the Bolton family came to visit. My YWAC friend Blake helped the Bolton family meet me in a special room where we got to play and cuddle. The moment they told him they wanted to take me home to be forever theirs was the happiest moment of my life!

I am living the life now! I have a really cool older brother named Mr. Cat. I love cuddles, but I live for playtime. Mr. Cat isn’t that much older than me, but I can still outrace him any day of the week! But he’s always ready for a cuddle once I’m all played out.

Like any other kitten, I’m curious and like to explore, but I also know when I need to be respectful and back off! I also have learned when meal time is and always let mom and dad know when I think it’s time to be fed!

If you want to adopt a kitten friend (just like me) for your family, you can find plenty of them at any of YWAC’s adoption locations. Kittens are any feline under 6 months, and are only $100 and always adopt one, get one free. Cats are social animals who love to have playmates too!



I like to pretend I’m a professional model…

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This is my big brother, Mr. Cat! We love each other so much

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He’s kind of my best friend…

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Did I mention I love cuddling?

Special thanks to the Bolton family for sharing their sweet adoption story with us. Congratulations to the Boltons and Maizie! What a wonderful match!

If you’re interested in having your YWAC alum featured on one of our Waggin’ Wednesday segments, please email photos, your adoption story, and your pet’s personality information to our Visual Coordinator Hannah Overton at [email protected].