Volunteers of the Month :: Lauren LeBlanc and Tony Radar

photoLauren LeBlanc, and her husband Tony Radar have become a regular fixture at Young-Williams Animal Center. Almost weekly, at sometimes daily, they are seen around the campus of YWAC walking the adoptable dogs.  Lauren and Tony have volunteered at YWAC for over a year and say they simply cannot get enough. “It is the most rewarding experience to see the dogs faces when you arrive because they just want human contact. Once I get them outside, they just thrive with excitement and to see them so happy, it’s truly addictive”.  “We see their personality change the minute they leave their cage and just the 20 minutes we spend with them, we know we are helping them find a forever home”, says Tony.

“I don’t know who is happier to see Tony and Lauren, the dogs or my staff”, says Sarah Mezga, Adoption Floor Supervisor at YWAC.  At Christmas, the staff decided to give Tony and Lauren a matching set of leashes because they wanted to thank them for their continuous effort to help our homeless dogs.
“We really love all of our dog walkers”, says Sarah.  “The short time that they spend with each dog has a tremendous impact on their future lives and we just can’t do the work needed without them”.
If, like Tony and Lauren, you are interested in making a difference by volunteering at YWAC please visit our website at http://www.young-williams.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer/.