Well Worth the Wait

Valentina’s first home was a farm where she ran the pastures by day and slept at the foot of the bed by night. This smart puppy was a quick learner, watching the people and animals around her living a busy life in the country. Unfortunately, she began to watch her fellow farm animals a little too closely and, in an effort to keep their animals safe, Valentina’s family surrendered her to Young-Williams with hopes she could find a new family that could provide the training she needed.

Valentina was confused as to why her family left her and scared of the new smells, noises and faces at the shelter. This sweet white dog learned the shelter wasn’t so bad while hanging out in staff offices and they always had treats they were willing to share. Valentina is fiercely loyal and was easily attached to the human she picked. To help her, she’d take field trips to visit new staff offices and training sessions to practice leash walking and basic commands. She became a pro at “Sit/Stay”, “Leave it”, and “Place.” 

Valentina was making amazing progress, but did need a special home where she was the only pet. Valentina waited, and waited and waited some more. For four months, Valentina visited with potential adopters, giving them all the kisses and asking if she could be their new friend. One at a time, she watched as they left with other pets.

We weren’t giving up on Valentina. While Valentina waited for the right adopters, Karen and her family were grieving the loss of three senior pets over the last eighteen months. Knowing there was a paw print shaped void in their lives, Karen decided to browse our adoptable pets online. When she saw Valentina’s big brown eyes, she felt an immediate connection.

Valentina must have felt the connection too because – let’s face it, when it’s right, it’s right. Karen made her way to the shelter for a meet and greet with Valentina where, forgetting she was a 90-pound pup, she crawled right into Karen’s lap to give kisses. Finally, Valentina was the one walking out the door on the way to her new home. 

It was a perfect fit. Valentina wasted no time claiming a spot on the patio furniture and bonding with Karen during their daily walks – Valentina has even taken up swimming! “The love and joy Valentina has brought to our family has enriched our lives so much,” Says Karen.

Happy endings like this fuel our passion and renew our commitment to our mission, and we invite you to join us in this celebration. We know we’re just a short chapter in a longer journey for many of the pets who arrive in need of shelter, food and love. Thank you for supporting Young-Williams and helping homeless pets like Valentina get a second chance at a happy life.