The Healing Power of Compassion

Slash is no stranger to life on the streets. For some time, he and his owner struggled with stable housing, and, as time went on, both their health declined. Unable to meet Slash’s basic needs for shelter or vet care, his owner made the difficult decision to surrender him to Young-Williams.

When Slash arrived, he was suffering from a bad case of skin inflammation due to fleas. Because Slash’s skin had gone untreated for so long, he was virtually hairless, had open scabs from scratching, and developed several other complications affecting his eyes and ears. Slash was friendly and calm, but his itchy skin hid is true personality. During playgroups, Slash chose to watch from the sidelines, but his wagging tail told us he would have played had he felt better.

Because of your generous donations to the Animal Compassion Fund, Slash received the vet care and medication needed to reduce the swelling and inflammation of his skin, fight an ear infection and relieve the itching. In addition, Slash needed special medicated baths and a few minor surgeries to remove skin tags and reconstruct his eyelids to reduce irritation.

After nearly two months of treatment, Slash began to improve. Slowly, his skin healed, fur regrew and his eyes and ears were all better, which allowed us to see more of his personality. Slash loves to talk while playing with other pups. He enjoys taking easy walks on the greenway and is a sucker for quality snuggles.

Because he will need continued medical care and still has a long journey ahead of him to fully heal, Slash was looking for a very special family who was patient and kind, understanding and committed. Last week was an emotional one as our staff said goodbye to Slash. Almost four months after arriving, Slash was on his way home with an adoring family. We are so thankful for your generous support of the Animal Compassion Fund and the adopter who gave Slash a chance. You can help ensure every animal who arrives injured or sick has this opportunity to find love by making a donation to the Animal Compassion Fund today.