The Adventures of Pia

If you’ve ever met a husky, you know they are highly intelligent and thus, have their quirks. Pia is a proud husky and embraces each of the quirks that make her special. Some of her favorite activities include escaping her yard, being nosey, claiming toys as her own and talking to her friends. All of that makes Pia a loving and adorable handful.

Such a smart dog needs a special type of family, one that is patient and understanding, firm and just as creative as she is. Pia has spent time with many families, but unfortunately, hasn’t found the right fit yet. Recently, she let herself out and went on an adventure that took a terrible turn. When she returned home, she was severely injured, but her owners couldn’t afford emergency vet care. They rushed Pia to Young-Williams, where they had adopted her, for help. Knowing she had escaped their yard multiple times and were unable to prevent potential injuries in the future, they made the difficult decision to surrender her.

Our vet team examined the open wound on her side and was relieved to learn no vital organs were damaged. It appeared a sharp object impaled Pia and she was at risk for infection. During her exam, evidence of old pellet wounds were found too. Thankfully, through your donations to the Animal Compassion Fund, our vet team had the resources needed to treat her wound and made her comfortable.

Pia loves meeting new friends and paid our vet team in kisses and tail wags. She is still under observation to ensure there is no infection and, before long, will be healthy enough to run, jump and play with her next family. Your generous gifts help pets like Pia bounce back after injury and illness. Pia is just one of hundreds of pets who received care this summer from the Animal Compassion Fund. As summer winds down, more pets will continue to come to Young-Williams in need of your compassion and emergency vet care. You can provide the same healing care to them as you did Pia by making a donation to the Animal Compassion Fund today.