Start off on the Right Paw; Pet Parents Summer Safety Guide

JesseCan you feel it? Can you smell it? At last- long, sunny days of summer are approaching!

Remember, the hot weather can mean danger for our furry companions. Pets can suffer from dehydration, sunburn, or heat stroke if overexposed to the heat – and heat stroke can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Visit Your Vet

A visit to the veterinarian for a spring or early summer check up is a must! An annual check up is important to make sure your pet is in good health, as well as a heartworm test and heartworm preventative medication.

Grill it safe
Dogs seem to love to lap up or steal from the grill, and charcoal briquettes can easily get stuck in the stomach, causing vomiting and requiring surgery.
Don’t share your food! Barbecue scraps and fatty leftovers can give your pup pancreatitis, causing severe abdominal pain or death. Corn on the cob and peach pits are also a huge no-no because they can lodge in a dog’s intestines.
Guard Your Greens
Azaleas- These common backyard shrubs can be toxic for dogs and cats if ingested, resulting in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea,  or an abnormal heart rate.
Lilies-  A daylily or Asiatic, Easter, or Stargazer lily and their pollen can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Ingestion of as little as two to three leaves can be fatal, so remove these plants from your yard if you let your cat out.
Lock it up 
Rose and garden plant food containing insecticides can contain potentially fatal compounds. Lock up those items to prevent diarrhea, or other serious stomach viruses with your pet.