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Kingston-23039096(1)What is the difference between the S/N Clinic @ Village and Spay Shuttle?


Sometimes, people ask us what the difference is between the surgeries we provide for the community in our new Spay/Neuter clinic at the Young-Williams Animal Village in Bearden, versus what we do on the Spay Shuttle out in the community. The answer is simple—Wheels and Location! The Spay Shuttle was originally launched in July of 2007, and as such, it is our “Flagship” facility, and provided almost 25,000 surgeries before our clinic at the Village was even opened! Believe it or not, inside the Spay Shuttle, we have accommodations for a maximum of 14 dogs and at least as many cats. The Spay Shuttle has its own operating suite, complete with autoclave and the same gas anesthesia as our stationary clinic. Both facilities have the same equipment—though obvioPetey-22825815(3)usly much more tightly packed in our 33’ RV. The veterinarians in both facilities are fully licensed, and our veterinary support staff receive the same training, which allows us to provide our high quality, caring service to your pet each and every day—regardless of where we operate. Any of the wellness services that we offer at the time of surgery are available at either location. What the Spay Shuttle does, however, is allows us to get our service closer to certain communities where we know the shelter’s intake is higher, or where we feel transportation could be a barrier to families accessing our program. In either location, Young-Williams Animal Center subsidizes a portion of every surgery, which is what allows us to provide our low cost prices. In addition, if your family resides in Knox County and is in need of assistance, simply ask when you call, and our staff will do their best to find a way to meet your needs. We know people want to do the right thing by getting their pets spayed and neutered, so we just try to make it as easy as possible.