Six Bunny Facts

Did you know that we adopt out more than just cats and dogs? That’s right! We have bunnies who are looking for their new home. Why adopt a bunny? See the list of fun facts below!

  1. Bunnies are affectionate and intelligent, much like cats and dogs. They seek affection/love to snuggle and love doing enrichment activities like puzzle feeders, playing with toys, and digging.
  2. Bunnies live just as long as dogs do, with the average lifespan being about 8 to 10 years (though many well taken care of rabbits can live to their 20s)! 
  3. Bunnies are typically easier to litter train than people expect! They like to keep their areas neat.
  4. Making bunny toys is non-expensive and often just like recycling. Bunnies like chewing and digging, so filling a cardboard box with newspaper before hiding some treats or food at the bottom creates a great digging activity. Filling old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls with hay is great for chewing. 
  5. Bunnies can be leash trained to go out and about! Just like cats and dogs, bunnies can be walked around the yard on harnesses.
  6. Fixed rabbits are less temperamental/territorial when fixed, and rabbits are social creatures/prefer the company of other rabbits, so adding two fixed rabbits to your home is ideal! If you already have a lonely bachelor or bachelorette, YWAC adopts out all bunnies already fixed, so come get your bunny a friend!

Adoptable bunnies are can be viewed on our website here and are available for a $30 adoption fee!