Overview of managed intake policy:

In August, Young-Williams Animal Center achieved a 91 percent save rate for the first time in the history of the organization due to new and progressive measures designed to help animals in the Greater Knoxville community and assist pet owners. Save rate refers to animals adopted, fostered or transported to other rescue organizations.


As part of these initiatives, Young-Williams Animal Center has launched a managed intake program which calls for pet owners to make an appointment when they want to surrender an animal. The goal is to keep pets in homes and out of the shelter whenever possible, as well as to provide the best care possible to animals in Young-Williams’ care. The appointment gives our staff an opportunity to provide advice and potential strategies for pet owners to keep their animal. We will continue to work with every individual and family to ensure the best possible outcome for their pets. The surrender fee has been increased to $50 per animal.


Surrendering an animal to the shelter should be seen as a last resort. Managed intake is considered a tested best practice by highly regarded national organizations such as the ASPCA, Association of Shelter Veterinarians, Best Friends Animal Society and others. We already have seen the positive impact here in Knoxville, and we continue to pursue new and innovative policies that help place animals in loving homes, provide community support to pet owners and reduce both the pet overpopulation and euthanasia rate.


Young-Williams Animal Center remains dedicated to providing the best possible care for every animal in need and finding a home for every pet.