Meet our Veterinarian

dr. jen 2Dr. Jennifer Armstrong is now the Director of Shelter Medicine at YWAC.  She, along with her staff take care of the thousands and thousands of homeless animals that come to Young-Williams.

Dr. Jen came to YWAC as an intern while she was finishing up school at University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. “My passion has always been shelter medicine”, says Dr. Jen

vet staff 2014As luck would have it, Young-Williams had an affiliation with UT Vet College so Dr. Jen was able to do her 4th year externship. “While doing my externship, I discovered that I wanted to be a part of Young-Williams full time and was asked to be the shelter’s vet intern”, says. Dr. Jen. After working as the shelter vet intern for almost a year, the Director of Shelter Medicine position became available. “She was a natural fit. “ Her know how and her education were important factors but it was really her true passion for our homeless animals that was the deciding factor”, says Young-Williams Animal Center C.E.O Jeff Ashin. “I love being the vet at YWAC because every day I get be around people who feel the same compassion for all our homeless animals as I do. We are a family and all very dedicated to the welfare of animals and I feel very blessed to be a part of it”.