Help Senior Pets Find Homes

Puppies and kittens are cute and snuggly and can bring a lot of energy into your home. There is no denying that. But senior dogs and cats have a lot to offer, too. That is why we are excited to highlight our senior pets during Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November. We hope you will open your heart and your home to an older pet. 


Sadly, people often overlook older dogs and cats in shelters. Adopt a Senior Pet Month, established by the ASPCA and, is meant to improve the perception of senior pets and increase their chances of being adopted. When you adopt a senior dog or cat from an animal shelter like Young-Williams Animal Center, you welcome a lifetime of love into your home. You also give an older animal a second chance at having a forever family. Not to mention, there are several great benefits to adopting an older companion. 

  • With age comes experience. Unlike puppies and kittens, older pets typically do not require constant monitoring. Senior dogs and cats have already grown into their personalities, so they are typically more laid back and set in their ways. Many are also already housetrained.
  • Knowledge is power. Because you are adopting a fully grown pet, you will already know some helpful information. Knowing how they socialize with people and other pets, grooming requirements, and, in some cases, a medical history makes it easier to ensure your family is getting its perfect pet match. 
  • Slow down and enjoy life. While senior pets may not have the energy of a puppy or kitten, they still have a lot of love to give. And, they understand the importance of taking it easy from time to time. For many lifestyles, an older dog or cat may be a great fit.


Young or old, we believe all pets deserve to find a loving home. If you have been thinking of finding a furry friend for your family, we hope that you will keep senior pets in mind. See all of our adoptable pets online, or stop by either of our adoption centers, located at 3201 Division Street or 6400 Kingston Pike in Knoxville.