H.A.L.T. Update!

Shelter to Rescue Group to Forever Home!

My name is Charlie and here is a picture of my new forever home family.  I am such a lucky dog as so many people were interested in helping me find my new home.  First, I was taken to one of the best animal shelters in the country – Young Williams Animal Center. They took great care of me until the nice folks from the HALT  program (Humans and Animals Learning Together) chose me to help them out. This is a special program where 5 lucky dogs get to work with teens from local residential treatment facilities.  Adult volunteers show the kids how to obedience train us.  We mainly get lots of great attention, hugs, brushing, good treats and play on an agility course.

The teens we work with learn how to be patient, kind, and positive with our training.  They also learn lots of things about caring for a dog like the importance of vet care , proper shelter, exercise and attention.  Choosing the right dog for your family is so important, which is why I love showing off the nice family who wanted to adopt me.

I now have some teens of my own to play with!  My adoption circle is now complete and I can’t tell you how happy I am.  There are a lot of wonderful animals waiting to find forever homes.  Thank you to all the two legged friends who worked so hard to see to it that I got a home.