Foster of the Month :: March 2014

Sophie Nguyen has only been fostering for Young-Williams for ten months. She says, “You only have to let an animal into your heart and home for a few weeks in order to make a difference in their lives forever”.

Sophie has fostered over 20 kittens, 1 nursing mother cat, and 6 rabbits. “ Being a foster home is something I’ve always wanted to do “one day”, but when I decided to take in just one litter of kittens to try it out, I realized that it’s the best way to do a lot of good even when you’re short on time.  My favorite part of the experience is watching each kitten grow and develop its own personality. When I first bring them home, they are tiny fluff balls who hide when I walk in the room, but as the days go by they get a little bigger, more playful, and learn to pile into my lap as soon as I sit down at the computer.  When I start to wonder why I don’t have to pay someone for the privilege of cuddling with kittens any time I want with no long-term commitment, I remember that I am actually helping to socialize them so that they will be more adoptable when they get big enough.  Sometimes goodbyes can be hard, but I feel so proud when I see my kittens’ names on the “adopted” list”.

Young-Williams Animal Center sent 800 animals to foster care. If you would like to foster animals from Young-Williams Animal Center, please visit Or if you have questions, please email our Placement Coordinator, Ashley Thomas at [email protected].marchfoster