Foster Feature :: Shelly Claiborne

Shelly does a great job fostering and we are thankful to have her testimonial on the blog today!


“I have had the pleasure of fostering several litters, small hurt or recuperating dogs in the last few years. All have been a joy to help along on their journey to their forever homes. I love to help those “get ready” for adoption. Whether it is helping while they recuperate from surgeries or procedures or helping a momma with her young pups until they are weaned and ready for their own home. My dogs have always enjoyed the fosters and I think they teach the fosters how to adapt to a new pack!


I believe in the foster program and KNOW that it saves lives. I appreciate all the work that goes into the program and will continue to help all I can….Ashley does a great job!


There is a very special one that made me a foster failure! Twinkle (now Gracie) is the cute little white terrier mix pictured with her pups above. It’s a unique story of happen chance….picked up Twinkle on April 1st, she had been at the shelter for over a month with an injured tail and dropped off as a stray. She needed a couple weeks of home time to come out of her shell and be ready for adoption. A few days after getting her home I realized she was pregnant, really pregnant! She had been on a lot of strong antibiotics and it wasn’t advised for her to deliver them so surgery was scheduled for April 11th. But on the evening of the 10th she went into labor and had five beautiful pups! After going through her pregnancy, delivery and nursing her pups….I couldn’t let her go! I fostered her pups until they were old enough to be returned for adoption and I adopted Gracie and brought her home to be part of my pack!

Thanks again, Shelly!  Are you convinced you want to become a foster parent?  Sign up here today!