Feeling Lucky

Snuggled up on a warm blanket, Beowulf the cat knows how lucky he is. Not because his bowl is full or the toys and treats nearby, but lucky he survived one health emergency after another. When he arrived at Young-Williams, it was clear he had been very sick for a very long time, but that didn’t keep him from making friends with everyone he met.

Underneath a serious upper respiratory infection (URI), Beowulf’s independence and bold personality showed through. It appeared he had been a stray his whole life who now needed the help of a human. A kindhearted vet student welcomed Beowulf to her home as a foster and quickly discovered he struggled to get around the house. With your generous donations to the Animal Compassion Fund, Beowulf received x-rays that showed old injuries to his back legs and his tail never healed.

As a result, Beowulf was scheduled for surgery to have his leg reset and part of his tail amputated. During his visits, he became quite the talker, sharing tales we are convinced were about his foster home and from his younger kitty days. Beowulf loves telling stories to anyone who will listen. Over the next couple of weeks, his surgery sites began to heal nicely and antibiotics were helping him fight the URI, which we discovered caused permanent damage to one of his eyes because he had been fighting the infection for so long.

Facing yet another health emergency, Beowulf was brought back to the shelter to have his eye removed. Despite looking a little rough, Beowulf loved being immersed in the care and attention received from staff and volunteers. Today, sleeping on his warm blanket, he thinks of all the new stories he’ll have to tell an adoptive family one day. For now, he continues to rest and recover in the comfort of his caring foster home.

The best news is, when you make a gift to the Animal Compassion Fund, you’re providing critical veterinary care to pets like Beowulf. Will you make a gift today to ensure resources are available for the next pet like Beowulf?