Eat Great Food; Donate to YWAC!

We have a fabulous opportunity to raise money for Young-Williams Animal Center! WokChow has agreed to help us in our efforts. So spread the word and encourage family, friends, associates and acquaintances to frequent WokChow. A percentage of every purchase made by people, who join our Community Connection group, goes directly to our cause!

Here’s all you need to do. Click on this link:

and enroll in our Community Connection program. Once you’re enrolled, just give WokChow your phone number with each visit (for tracking)… and they will donate a set percentage of every purchase directly in to our account.

Share this link and encourage everyone you know to join our Community Connection program and frequent WokChow. The more people who visit, the more people who spend, the more people who tell people who tell people, the more money we’ll raise!


Remember, tell friends, tell friends, tell friends… Spreading the word will only increase our fundraising potential. The more people who join our Community Connection program, the faster our funds build!

Thanks WokChow for this opportunity to raise  money for the animals!

4612 Kingston Pike  Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 766-5457