Make a Difference for Dorito-Cheeto

Words can’t do justice to the impact your gift could have at Young-Williams Animal Center. Just look at the happy faces you are helping! Since reaching No-Kill status in 2018, donations have created new life-saving programs that impact the lives of thousands of pets each year. While a lot has changed in the way we shelter and care for pets, the need has not.At the heart of our work is the vision of A Home for Every Pet. There are two parts to a loving home – a healthy pet and a happy family. You can make both possible. Your support not only ensures every pet receives quality vet care; it also develops personalized plans to help find each pet the right home. Every year, the behavior department works to place hundreds of at-risk dogs in permanent homes, and our Foster Adoption Ambassadors spend countless hours consulting potential adopters to find the perfect match.

Adoption day is always happy, but your impact doesn’t stop there. The generous support of our community helped provide more than 100,000 public spay/neuter services and offers alternatives for pet owners who face temporary crisis and think they have to surrender their pet. Your generosity can keep pets in loving homes and families together with their furry friends.

While there has been significant change in just five years, one thing has remained the same. Everyday, lost, abandoned, neglected and injured pets arrive at our doors in need of care, compassion and shelter. That is why we ask you to make an gift to continue this important work.

Dorito-Cheeto is just one of the more than 10,000 pets who arrived at Young-Williams in 2021. Animal control officers found him on a late summer day in a neighborhood by the river. The young brindle pup was scarred emotionally from trauma and terrified of the animal control officer and our staff.

He would warn anyone getting too close with a menacing growl. It was obvious he needed space and time to heal. After several days, members of our team gained enough trust to finish an intake exam. Because of his traumatic past, it was going to be a slow process and Dorito-Cheeto needed to work with our behavior team.

Over the next two months, Dorito-Cheeto would often share lunches with staff members and accept pets in exchange for treats. He earned his name because he liked to forage for snacks hidden in team members’ desks and preferred ones with a good crunch! He learned a leash wasn’t something to be afraid of. Instead, it meant an outside adventure was waiting. Finally, it was time to introduce him to a foster family who could continue his training.

Today, Dorito-Cheeto is a completely different dog from when he first arrived. He looks forward to evening walks, weekend hikes, cuddle time and playing with friends. He has found his forever family and is ready to become part of their pack.

The impact you’ve made for Dorito-Cheeto is remarkable and repeated time and time again. Please consider supporting at-risk pets in our community. Your gift provides the care, shelter, training and resources necessary for success stories like Dorito-Cheeto’s.

You truly are making a difference. Thank you!

P.S. I know you are as excited as we are to see Dorito-Cheeto in his new loving home. He is now spoiled and loved every day, just as he deserves. This is the difference your donation makes. Please make a gift today to help other at-risk pets.