Digital Angel Tree

This year, our angel trees look a little different but still have the same great impact for shelter pets. Make a donation today to sponsor furry friends like…

Hula – 6 years old.

Hula loves adventures and is a great hiking buddy! After a game of fetch or a run she is perfectly content to cuddle up watching Netflix for the rest of the day! She would love to be the center of someone’s attention, but would also do fine in a home with a calm/laid back dog or a dog-savvy cat. Hula would do best in a home without young children, as she is nervous with new people at first and does not like to share her toys or food.

Dali – 9 months old .

Dali is a fluffy, soft, and affectionate boy who loves to make biscuits and lick your toes and fingers. He likes to talk and will wander around the house trilling when he’s looking for his favorite toy or his foster brother, Duffy. He’ll look up at us with his golden eyes and do squeaky little meows when he’s decided it’s time for snuggles. His favorite toys are crinkly balls that he can chase around the house with his foster brother- they have a great time playing together and cuddling up together for a nap when they’re all tuckered out.

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