Cyndi McCall: YWAC’s Volunteer of the Month!!

Just as every animal that comes through Young-Williams Animal Center has a story, so too do the volunteers. Cyndi, like many of YWAC’s volunteers, felt compelled to volunteer because of her love for animals. She says that after her volunteer orientation she knew that volunteering was just what she needed in her life. What she has found through her two and a half years of volunteering has been truly therapeutic for her.

For years Cyndi struggled with alcoholism, but she says that the work she does at YWAC helps keep her sober. She says YWAC, “is a place to recover if you need it.” Not only has working so closely with the animals helped on her journey, but so too have the kind words from the staff. She recalls that every shift she was greeted with “so great that you are here, you help so much.” Because of the love she receives from both the staff and animals alike at the shelter, she feels as though she “can’t let the animals or people down” and continues to grow and recover every day.

When asked about her favorite part of volunteering at YWAC, Cyndi said, “I love YWAC and can’t say enough good things. It teaches people responsibility for another life and how to give care and love.” Her love for YWAC has even gone beyond her volunteer hours at the shelter. Cyndi also has been a foster parent for YWAC and adopted Turtle Dove, one of her last foster kittens. If you, like Cyndi, would like to make a difference in your life and the lives of animals as a YWAC volunteer, please visit