While we monitor all coronavirus developments, we also want to remind you to take care of yourself AND your furry friends.

Young-Williams Animal Center continues to closely monitor the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and is updating our response as new information becomes available to ensure the safety and health of our animals, employees, volunteers and visitors.

To best serve the community and the animals that depend on us, we are enacting several temporary measures. Please click here for updates on hours and policies during this time.

To protect employees and the public, the shelter will limit occupancy to staff only, but we will continue to to fulfill our duty to take in stray animals brought in by animal control.

As adoptions slow down, we will inevitably run out of room for these animals. To help care for these animals, we are putting out an emergency call for foster parents and have stopped accepting owner surrender pets to free up much needed space.

We have always provided for the needs of pets as they enter foster care to ensure any person who wants to open their home to an animal is able to do so. We will now need support from the community in order to safely transition many more animals into foster homes. 

Additionally, we strive to be a resource for our community and those who may be experiencing unexpected pet needs. Our Pet Resource Center is asking for donations of wet and dry pet food, litter, litter boxes, small animal food and small animal bedding in order to help ease the burden for those who can’t find needed pet items or can no longer afford them due to loss of wages or emergency purchases. If you need assistance from our Pet Resource Center call 865-363-6702 or email pethelp@young-williams.org.

Items can be found and purchased through our Amazon wish list, but can also be sent through Chewy, Walmart or your favorite online retail site.  When ordering online, donations can be sent directly to us without leaving your home.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and will help ensure that we can meet the changing needs of the COVID-19 impact for our pets and our community.  Your gift will help provide food, medicine, medical treatment and other essential needs for animals in our care and through our Pet Resource Center. 

Thank you for your support in these unsure times. Together, we will continue to care for the most vulnerable pets in Knox County and our community as a whole.