Community Cat Program

Our Community Cat Program is about Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR). TNVR is the humane and most effective way of reducing community cat populations. The cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, ear tipped and vaccinated before being returned to their community.

For an explanation of how TNVR looks, please watch the video below!

Video courtesy of Kitten Lady via YouTube

Community Cat Diversion FAQ - The concept of community cats and TNVR can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the practice. Click Learn More for information about the process and how it works!

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Humane Trap and Deterrent Rental Program - Click Learn More for information about traps and deterrents for rent, as well as DIY tips on community cats. Learn More

Make an Appointment! -
Call 865-215-6677 to make a TNVR appointment for a community cat or click here.

If you are interested in adopting a barn cat, please fill out an interest form: Livestock Interest Form

If you have any questions, please contact our
Community Cats Coordinator.
(865) 556-9729 or [email protected]