Celebrating Resilience: Young-Williams Animal Center’s 2023 Year in Review

As we look back on 2023, we find ourselves filled with a profound sense of gratitude. The challenges of 2023 were significant, but our shared passion for pets and their people powered us through, enabling numerous successes at Young-Williams Animal Center. We are thrilled to share these accomplishments with you and extend our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support!

We are proud to announce that in 2023, our organization managed to maintain an impressive average save rate of 92.76% (maintaining no-kill status). While this is slightly lower than our previous record-breaking rate of 93.89%, we take immense pride in the dedication of our community and team that made this possible.

Did you know that the national average save rate is around 80% (2022)?


In 2023, Young-Williams welcomed over 10,000 animals into our care, found forever homes for nearly 7,000 pets, successfully reunited over 1,500 lost pets with their families, and collaborated with rescue groups to provide safe havens for hundreds of animals.

This year, our community proved to be the backbone of our success. Our mission was supported by 906 committed volunteers and 56 volunteer groups, who collectively contributed a staggering 32,150 service hours. This collective effort resulted in an economic impact exceeding $1,022,370! Together, our staff and volunteers displayed unwavering commitment to our life-saving work.

Thank you for a successful 2023!

As we look forward to 2024, we are excited and committed to continuing this work. Your ongoing support fuels our efforts and brings us closer to our vision of a home for every pet. Here’s to making 2024 another year of resilience, compassion, and progress for the animals in our community.




About the Author:
Wyatt Baggett is the Marketing Associate at Young-Williams Animal Center. With over five years of experience working with shelter pets and a passion for animal welfare, he enjoys creating informative content for pet parents. When he’s not working, Wyatt enjoys hanging out with his three rescue dogs, thrifting, and hunting down the best eats around Knoxville.