Best Friends Forever!

foster newsletter 9-13Jennifer’s Story

Above all else, Jennifer, a former intern at YWAC, believes in the unwavering bond that exists between animals and humans. To Jennifer, Sophie is the perfect representation of this bond. Jennifer adopted a then three month old boxer mix, Sophie, from YWAC in August of 2012. An energetic and sweet-natured dog, Sophie has become the perfect addition to Jennifer’s family. She says that Sophie, “is more like a child that [she’s] raised then a pet.” One of the many things Jennifer loves about Sophie is that she never meets a stranger. “Sophie is the kind of dog that gets along with every human, dog, cat, squirrel… you get the picture.” Because of  Sophie’s gentle and loving nature, Jennifer has decided to add on to their “little family.” There was no hesitation on where her next furry friend would come from. Just last month, Jennifer found the perfect addition to her growing family, Bella (formerly Billy Jean) a nurturing black lab mix. Bella’s story and her resilience is what attracted Jennifer to her. Jennifer strongly believes in giving shelter animals a second chance on finding a great home, insisting that she couldn’t have found a more perfect match.  She explains that it is important to find the right pet for your own lifestyle and that YWAC is a great place to encounter animals from all walks of life. To find your own furry best friend, stop by and see us at YoungWilliamsAnimalCenter or check out our website at