Adoption Enriches More Lives Than One

When Mr. Jones came into the shelter and met Bean, he knew it was meant to be.

Bean with his adopter, Mr. Jones, and Bean’s Groomer, Ann from
Anne’s Pet Salon in Crossville

A little over six months later, and little Bean has changed his life. Mr. Jones has had many struggles, suffering from PTSD and depression, but the unconditional love in Bean has changed his life for the better.

“Bean has been a life-changer.” says Mr. Jones when we spoke with him recently. “He has helped me and my mother, bringing happiness into our lives.”

Last fall, Mr. Jones came into the shelter, looking for a companion. He spoke with staff, describing the type of dog in which he was interested and walked through the shelter. The moment he made “eye-to-eye” contact with Bean, Mr. Jones knew he found his new dog.

Mr. Jones is clearly a music lover, staying that, “Animals give you an escape, just like music.” And Bean shares in his feelings toward music, delighting in dancing with Mr. Jones’ mother whenever she strikes up a beat. “He like the Eagles, George Jones, and Travis Tritt,” says Mr. Jones, “You can just tell, the way his ears perk up.”

“He is very smart, and if he doesn’t get his way, he turns his back to you and pouts!” says Mr. Jones, laughing. “But then he usually gets his bacon treat anyway.”

We are so grateful for adopters like Mr. Jones, who provide a loving home for the thousands of animals we serve every year. Especially as we approach the summer months, we know the need for adopters will be great and the shelter will be bustling with the activity of hopeful barks, wags and wiggles. And we also know the enrichment welcoming an animal into your life can bring, the life-changing nature of that unconditional love.

Mr. Jones knows it too. “Bean is a member of the family, and we love him very much.”

Special thanks to Bean’s Groomer, Anne, from Anne’s Pet Salon in Crossville for the happy pictures of Bean and family after a recent grooming session.

Bean with a big smile after a good grooming session!