Saving the Alcoa Overpass Pup

Young-Williams Animal Center is saddened and outraged to learn of the puppy that was thrown from an overpass on Alcoa Highway. We applaud the Knoxville Police Department (KPD) for its swift and compassionate work to care for the animals and secure needed medical attention.

Right now, the puppy is being treated at the University of Tennessee (UT) Veterinary Medical Center and is in the care of the skilled veterinary staff there. At this time, we expect that when the puppy is ready to be released, it will be transferred to the care of Young-Williams Animal Center. We look forward to assisting with the care and rehabilitation of this dog.

We appreciate the interest and outpouring of concern for this puppy, and we join the East Tennessee community in renouncing the unspeakable cruelty this innocent animal had to suffer needlessly.

We are proud to take in and care for abused, neglected and rejected animals every day at Young-Williams Animal Center, and while this puppy’s story represents some of the worst malice inflicted upon an animal – sadly she is not alone. That’s why we encourage everyone who is angry, tearful or feeling hopeless to join us in our work to care for these animals who deserve so much better.

Please consider donating to our Animal Compassion Fund. As the open-intake facility and the official animal shelter for Knox County and the City of Knoxville, we turn no animal away regardless of its condition. The Harry and Carolyn Galbraith Animal Compassion Fund has been established to provide the resources needed to treat animals with medical conditions or behavioral problems that would otherwise render them unadoptable.

The fund helps with necessary medical equipment and treatment as well as providing foster homes for these delicate pets while they heal. Once restored to health, these animals are ready to find their new forever homes.

Your gift to the Animal Compassion Fund will help this puppy and other s like her who need extra care and recover in their journey to find a sale and loving forever home. We look forward to sharing further updates about the puppy as they become available, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as our staff works together and in partnership with KPD and UT veterinary staff to put her needs and safety first as we proceed.