A time for compassion…

A time for compassion and outreach for our stray and homeless pets … and their humans

Young-Williams Animal Center receives many questions about how our intake, reclaim and adoption process works. We welcome these inquiries and believe that the best education is a transparent look into our work. Now seems like the perfect time to share this content with our community.

Nearly two years of a pandemic has taken a toll – on people, their families and their pets. This year, we are on pace to more than triple the volume of free supplies and help requested by pet owners in our community compared to past years. That includes pet food, medical help and other forms of assistance.

Our mission is to find a home for every pet. Often, pets in distress may already have a home. We care deeply about each stray or lost animal that comes through our doors and prioritize their well-being. The best place for a pet is with a loving owner, and we believe that economic status does not define an owner’s suitability to love and care for their pet.

Whether a pet owner has fallen on hard times, needs a little help addressing a medical or behavioral issue or just needs more information on how to care for a pet, Young-Williams Animal Center wants to help.

Here’s how our intake and Pet Resource Center process works:

Once a stray or lost pet is brought to us, Tennessee law requires that shelters wait three (without ID) or five with ID) days before an animal is eligible for adoption to allow the owner time to find and reclaim their pet. Young-Williams Animal Center’s experienced veterinarians conduct an examination of each pet during this period to determine if the animal is healthy and provide care as needed.

During the stray hold, we make every effort to locate the original owner. In fact, we recently hired a pet detective just to help with this process! We also accept pre-adoption applications during the stray hold period, which will then proceed if the owner is not located before the end of the stray hold.

If Young-Williams Animal Center or Animal Control notes signs of abuse or neglect while examining an animal, Animal Control restricts the owner’s access to the pet until further investigation. If abuse or neglect is confirmed or the owner is unable to care for the pet, the animal will be moved into our adoption process.

If a pet is found to be suffering from medical issues or appears to need different care than has been provided, we work with the owner at the point of reclaim to assess the situation and provide everything the owner might need to safely care for the beloved pet. To learn more about our programs, visit the Pet Resource Center at young-williams.org/resources.

If you have neighbors in need, please direct them to email [email protected] or call 865-215-6599.