A Purr-fect Ending

In March, Holly’s human passed away, and the pandemic began. We got in touch with Holly’s out-of-state family, but they were unable to travel to Tennessee due to health and work. Holly came to Young-Williams Animal Center and entered a foster home.

We kept in touch for months with Holly’s would-be family while she lapped up love and affection from her foster family. But for Holly to get home, we needed transportation help. In December, we turned to our Facebook community, and you showed up for us and for Holly.

On Jan. 1, Above and Beyond Transports, a nonprofit that helps pets reunite with families, picked up Holly from our shelter for a three-day road trip headed west! Thanks to people like YOU, Holly has her permanent home, and her new family has a comforting reminder of a loved one lost.

Sometimes, we all need a ‘furry-tale’ ending to a sad beginning.