A Christmas Miracle…

Noel, when she first arrived.

‘Tis the season of giving – may it be the gift of love, time, or boxes of presents! For Noel, Christmas came early when she was given the gift of a fresh start and a second chance. You can help make sure every pet who arrives in need gets the same love and care, no matter what time of year, when you become a Constant Companion.

It’s hard to say how long Noel had been on the run, likely across rural farms, hills and back roads in South Knoxville. It appeared she had survived on her own for months, as she arrived hairless and covered in scabs. Noel has a skin condition called Demodex, causing hair loss and itching, which left open wounds and scabs on much of her body. Despite her pitiful appearance, Noel was kind, gentle and loving. The Good Samaritan who found her brought Noel to Young-Williams in hopes of reuniting her with her owner. Noel spent time with staff while we searched for her family, but we had few leads without a microchip, collar or lost pet posts. When we were sure no one was coming to claim her, we prepared her for adoption. But first, Noel needed a good bath, a little TLC and medical treatment for her skin. Thanks to generous donations, Noel was given a second chance. Her skin is healing, she’s feeling fresh and is ready to start the new year in a loving home. It’s a miracle she survived for so long on her own. It was the kindness of a stranger that changed her path along with donors like you who care for vulnerable pets.

Noel, after her TLC and treatment!

This year, you can help even more pets like Noel on their journey home when you become a Constant Companion with a monthly gift. As a constant companion, you create stability and safety for thousands of pets who arrive in crisis. Your monthly gift helps plan for the future and ensures every pets has a chance to find a loving family.