Spay/Neuter Solutions

Low-cost Spay & Neuter

How much does it cost?


Spay: $70

Neuter: $70

Rabies: $10

DHPP: $10

Heartworm Test: $20

Bordatella: $10

Microchip: $15

Nail Trim: $5

Knoxville City Tag: $5


Spay: $45

Neuter: $45

Rabies: $10

FVRCP: $10

FELV: $15

Combo Test: $25

Microchip: $15

Nail Trim: $5

Knoxville City Tag: $5

Extra services are available only at the time of surgery. There are no added fees for things like being in heat, pregnant or weight. We also provide post-operative re-checks if needed.

Need help? We have several assistance programs available – please call to find out how we can help you get your pet fixed! Prices are based upon where you live and financial need.

Not in the Knoxville area?

If you are a Tennessee resident and are looking for spay or neuter services within your area please call 866.907.7729 (SPAY) for more information or click below.

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