Pets for Life

Pets For Life is a revolutionary program from The Humane Society of the United States that is designed to increase access to veterinary care, resources, and support services for pet owners in underserved communities. This remarkable program has been steadily expanding across the United States through partner shelters (much like Young-Williams Animal Center) since 2011 and has had a truly positive impact on the lives of both pets and pet parents.  


The Pets For Life team works directly with pet owners in vulnerable communities to provide them with whatever assistance they need. This may include free or discounted veterinary care, vaccinations, food assistance, spay/neuter surgeries, grooming supplies, and more. Through this individualized attention and outreach, the Pets For Life team is able to build strong relationships with local families while providing their beloved animals with much needed care.



  In addition to offering these essential resources, the Pets For Life team also provides education on essential topics like animal behavior basics, diet, how to properly groom a pet, and more. This education is intended to empower pet owners with otherwise limited resources, to become more equipped to care for their animals. 

 At its core, Pets For Life is about building community around animal welfare by bringing people together who might not otherwise have access to information or resources related to keeping their pets healthy and safe. As we continue working towards a world where everyone has sufficient access to resources for their four-legged family members, programs like this one are critical to realizing our vision of a home for every pet.