Small but Mighty

It was 5:30 on a Friday night when we got the call. A dog had fallen from a truck bed, got tangled in her leash and been dragged behind the moving vehicle on Interstate 40. She was in need of urgent medical attention and was coming to Young-Williams Animal Center for emergency care.

Animals come to us scared and injured every day. It is our job to care for them, to heal them and to help them build trusting relationships with humans. We provide so much more than shelter; it’s within our walls that animals find safety, compassion and empathy. Here, broken bones and broken hearts begin to heal. Here, animals are given a chance for a happily ever after.  

For Sadie, this journey begins with our dedicated veterinary staff who quickly assessed her injuries. Needless to say, Sadie had painful road rash on most of her body, but the most severe injuries were to her paws and chest. Her wounds were cleaned and wrapped, and her pain was being managed. For the next week she was under close supervision while we monitored for possible infection.

Sadie relaxing at her foster home

Still traumatized, she showed little interest in food or toys. She preferred to spend her days sleeping in a quiet office and was waited on hand and foot (or in this case, paw). Finally, we tempted her with a meal she couldn’t resist, the savory smell of meat and gravy, and she gave into her hunger. Feeling a little more like herself, Sadie was sent to a foster home to heal.

Sadie’s treatment and weekly bandage changes go above and beyond what we expect to provide for animals in our care. Thanks to donations to the Animal Compassion Fund, Sadie not only received life-saving services but continues to receive the care and medication she needs to make a full recovery.

Today, Sadie is doing great! She comes in for bandage changes and her wounds are healing nicely. She still has many weeks of recovery ahead, but her injuries aren’t keeping her from making friends. While visiting with a staff member, Sadie slept with her head resting on their foot and took several deep breaths. The kind of deep breathing that only comes from feeling safe after trauma. She’ll remain with an experienced medical foster until she is fully recovered and available for adoption. One thing’s for sure, Sadie is small but mighty.

If you would like to contribute to Sadie’s ongoing care and others like her, please consider making a donation to our Animal Compassion Fund. This fund helps with necessary medical services and treatment for these delicate pets, many of who, like Sadie, have endured unimaginable trauma and deserve to know what love and a second chance feels like.