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Surrendering Animals

We might have a solution...

Our goal is to help you keep your pet! We have a lot of resources to share with you and will do our best to help you find a solution so that you can keep your pet!

Taking your pet to any animal shelter should be your last resort. Shelters, including ours, are temporary holding facilities designed to house a large number of stray/lost pets at one time. While our goal is to provide quality care for every animal we house, it will always be a loud, scary and stressful environment for most pets and not all will make it up for adoption because of medical and behavioral issues outside the scope of resources we’re able to provide – some as a direct result of the stress that an animal encounters after arriving at the shelter.

Our intake facility is located at 3201 Division Street, only.


If you have exhausted all of your options, and the shelter is truly the last resort, we want you to know a few things:

  • We will try to help you keep your pet, first and foremost. We have a lot of different resources to share with you that will probably help resolve your problem so you don’t have to give up your pet.
  • We take owner surrendered animals in by appointment only at 3201 Division St., as space is available, and we are almost always booked two weeks out.
  • Placing your pet for adoption through our organization is a service we provide above and beyond what is contractually required of us and to help offset the costs we do charge an owner surrender fee of $50 per pet, and $100 per litter payable on intake. If you are unable to pay the surrender fee we may be able to waive or defer the fee, ask us how.
  • We do not put animals up for adoption that are aggressive towards people or other pets.
  • We do not have resources to treat, fix or manage major medical problems for owner-surrendered pets.
  • We cannot guarantee that your animal will be put up for adoption.
  • If your reason for giving up your pet is “no time,” please know that our adopters are average people, just like you. We’re happy to talk with you about things you can do to enrich your animal’s life so they can stay with you and be happy.
  • Fill out the Dog Profile Form  or Cat Profile Form honestly and completely to begin the process
  • Fill out the Surrender Application honestly and completely.
  • Both forms must be filled out for record completion. Please be aware that once you submit these forms, a staff member will call ~3-4 days prior to a surrender appointment becoming available. If there is assistance that would aid in keeping your pet, please let us know in the pet profile or surrender application.
If you are seeking temporary assistance in housing your pets due to a crisis, please fill out this application and call us at (865) 363-6702.




Pet Friendly Apartments in Knoxville- Find a new home for you and your pet– Provides financial assistance, resources and emotional support to pet guardians struggling with economic hardship when pets are in need of urgent and emergency veterinary care, as well as support and resources to help victims of domestic violence escape abusive environments with their pets.

Best Friends Animal Society– Lists LOTS of organizations/financial aid opportunities that can help– a free crowdfunding site that focuses on raising money for people who need it for personal reasons – everything from education to pet expenses. Each month, they have over 2,000 crowdfunding campaigns for people needing help with pet care costs.

Lower-cost vet care (these clinics are not endorsed by Young-Williams, but have been brought to our attention by good Samaritans)

  • Karns Animal Clinic (865)690-1282
  • PetWell Clinic (865)272-9491

Low cost spay/neuter:

  • Young-Williams Spay/Neuter Solutions (865)215-6677

Behavior Issues

  • Articles on every behavior problem you can think of: Denver Dumb Friends League ( click on Resources, then Pet Behavior Handouts

Family-to-Family Adoption

  •– Adopt-A-Pet is one of the nation’s largest adoption websites, your post reaches millions of visitors every month!
  • Join and post an ad on the Knoxville Animal Lovers Facebook group
  • Post fliers at your church, coffee shop, community center, parks
  • Network with friends and family