Now that spring has arrived, we are rolling into “kitten season.” We are gearing up to care for hundreds of kittens in the coming months!

What is kitten season? Kitten season refers to the time of year when most kitten litters are born. (Did you know a litter of kittens is actually called a “kindle?”) The exact months of kitten season vary by region; for us in the Tennessee Valley, kitten season extends from April through September. 

Why is there a kitten season? The reason shelters experience the “kitten season” phenomenon, is because cats can reproduce very quickly during certain months of the year. Momma cats can begin having litters as young as 5 months old and can have several litters each year. Although our Spay/Neuter Solutions is making a huge impact in our area, we still have many unaltered cats in our community that contribute to the high intake of kittens each year. 

How many kittens will Young-Williams Animal Center care for this year? It’s hard to predict the exact number, but it’s safe to say hundreds of kittens will be cared for at Young-Williams this year and many will be just days or weeks old. The shelter environment is hard for kittens that young, so we rely on our incredible network of foster families to provide life-saving care and support to these fragile animals.

In 2020, YWAC foster families cared for 1,426 kittens!

What can you do to help these kittens

You are invited to our Kitten Shower! Beginning May 1, 2021 we are encouraging our community to help us collect supplies and raise funds to prepare for kitten season, but we’re not asking you do to it alone.

Our Virtual Kitten Shower uses the power of social media to raise awareness and generate support. When you participate, you’re joining a group of dedicated individuals, who have come together from their homes, to achieve one goal: provide supplies and care for each stray and unwanted kitten that comes through our doors.

How can you participate? First, if you are able, please consider purchasing supplies from our Amazon Wish List or making a monetary donation to help with the care of these kittens. Second, share those links with your friends and followers on social media.

Double Your Donation!

Boehringer Ingelheim is happy to join Young-Williams Animal Center in their unwavering commitment to show compassion and love to every animal. As a proud partner, we provide donations of NexGard® (afoxolaner), HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) and FRONTLINE® Brand Products to care for these incredible animals.

This incredible partnership is going a step further for our tiniest residents and is providing $2,500 in matching funds for donations to our Kitten Shower. Beginning May 1, 2021, every dollar donated to the Kitten Shower will be matched up to $2,500. These funds help provide lifesaving supplies like Kitten Milk Replacer, miracle nipples and warming disks. This spring and summer, thousands of kittens will come through our doors and many will be sent to foster to get big and strong before being adopted. Help us care for these kittens by making a donation today that has twice the impact.