Presents for Pets | Toy Drive

Give the gift of hope to a pet in need this holiday season! We’re thrilled to announce the ‘Presents for Pets’ holiday toy drive, starting from the 1st of December and running till the 22nd. This is your opportunity to share some holiday magic with deserving pets in need – because every pet deserves a hopeful holiday season! 🐶Presents our dogs … Read More

Petco Love Stories 2022

Petco Love Stories celebrates — and returns — the love that we share with our pets. Since 2013, more than 20,000 adopters have shared how pets have changed their lives, and Petco Love has awarded nearly $7 million in grants to the dedicated and hardworking animal welfare organizations – like Young-Williams Animal Center– that make these adoption matches possible. This year, … Read More

Make a Difference for Dorito-Cheeto

Words can’t do justice to the impact your gift could have at Young-Williams Animal Center. Just look at the happy faces you are helping! Since reaching No-Kill status in 2018, donations have created new life-saving programs that impact the lives of thousands of pets each year. While a lot has changed in the way we shelter and care for pets, … Read More

Target Circle Community Voting

Thank You! Thanks to shoppers like you, Young-Williams Animal Center received a received donation of $4,056.42 to help care for homeless, lost and vulnerable pets through Target Circle. “We are grateful for every single vote and all the supporters that helped us make the most of this incredible opportunity,” says Janet Testerman, CEO of Young-Williams Animal Center. “This donation will … Read More

A Furry Tale of Compassion

Hello non-fur people. My name is Tess. I appreciate you taking the time to read a little about how I’ve been helping my furry friends at Young-Williams Animal Center. Like some of you, I have chores around the house and earn an allowance when I get them all done. You know, chores like picking up my toys, keeping squirrels out … Read More

National Foster a Pet Month: Foster Highlight

Bringing an animal into your home has an incredible impact on the pet’s life and creates an opportunity for the pet to have an advocate.

Please consider fostering animals, whether for our organization or others in your area that work to meet the needs of our country’s homeless pets.

New Program “Rounds Up” Change for Homeless Pets

What kind of impact can your spare change have? We are excited to announce a brand new way you can support homeless pets: Rounding up everyday purchases and donating the ‘spare change’ each month. Our new Round Up program makes it easy to connect your debit or credit card, automatically tracking your purchases and rounding them up for the pets at Young-Williams Animal … Read More

Impact Happens Everyday in Many Ways

One of my favorite quotes is by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” In my role at Young-Williams Animal Center, I experience just how thoughtful and committed our community truly is and we know, together we’ll make positive impacts on animal welfare. … Read More