Squirt is a timid yet endearing tabby kitten with stripes that resemble a delicate work of art. He may be a bit more reserved, but his heart is just as big as his brother's. Both Chicken and Squirt enjoy playtime, but Chicken takes the lead in their playful antics, entertaining Squirt with his boundless energy. Squirt is the quieter of the duo. He may take some time to warm up to new surroundings and people, but once he trusts you, his affection and gentleness shine through. He's the kind of companion who brings a sense of calm and patience to your home. These brothers would thrive in a loving home that can provide them with plenty of love, attention, and playtime. They'll do well with a family (with older children) or individual who can dedicate time to both bonding with them and engaging in interactive play. It's important to create a safe and patient environment for Squirt to help him overcome his shyness and build trust. Welcoming Chicken and Squirt into your home means welcoming a dynamic duo of affection, playfulness, and endless love. While Chicken is the outgoing charmer, Squirt adds a touch of serenity and gentle love to the mix. If you're interested in adopting this inseparable pair of kittens, please apply to arrange a meet-and-greet with these lovable brothers who promise to fill your home with warmth, playfulness, and quiet affection.


Domestic Shorthair


3 months




3 pounds

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