Genesis is a great dog. She is young and active. She loves playing and chewing on toys (and socks that she sometimes sneaks out of the laundry - working on changing that). She is fully house trained and crate trained. She loves children, especially when they play fetch with her. She is a vocal dog who loves attention. She is vocally responsive when she sees other dogs. Slow introductions on mutual ground seem to work best for her. Genesis often wants attention from the border collie and pit bull in her foster home. She tries to play with them, but sometimes plays and mouths too rough. She is still working on learning how to read the body language and cues of other dogs. Genesis is extremely smart and has so much potential. Each day she is learning and practicing positive behaviors. She would really benefit from a home with a fenced yard so she could have room to run off some energy. She also does well with enrichment toys and games to occupy her brilliantly active mind.


German Shepherd


3 years




57 pounds

Animal ID:


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