Curly Fry

Curly Fry (Curly Man & Sassy Prince(ss)) is the best. He makes life so fun and is the best boy for whatever you need. Chill and cuddles, he's down! Want to go on a hike or a car ride, this man won't leave your side. He is a velcro dog to the max. Once he decides you're in his circle, this man will do anything for you. He is the most wiggly, snuggly buddy. If you want to get him to like you... just get some peanut butter and you're golden. He does prefer slow interactions with human friends and may need some time to warm up. He does well with other furry friends and older children. He is really the best boy and needs a loving family! He is one of the best foster dogs I have had.


German Shepherd


1 years




50 pounds

Animal ID:


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