Cookie Lightning

Got a sweet-tooth? Cookie here is ready to satiate your craving! At first glance, Cookie may seem a bit reserved, but give her some time, and you'll discover a heartwarming sweetness that's truly irresistible. She takes a bit to open up, but once she does, she is the most devoted and affectionate companion. Although she's only 6 months old, Cookie displays a certain level of maturity. She is incredibly smart and trainable, and doesn't display any destructive behaviors typically associated with young pups. Her favorite activity in the world is chasing tennis balls. The joy in her eyes as she sprints across the grass is bound to bring a smile to your face. Although she can be high energy, Cookie knows when to hit the off switch and just enjoy her Zzzs. Cookie is generally fearful of little kiddos, so older kids and adults only please. She's open to friendships with canines and felines alike, but is still learning boundaries. A patient and caring owner who can gently help her grasp these nuances will undoubtedly be rewarded with an abundance of love and loyalty. If you're looking for a furry companion who combines sweetness, intelligence, and a love for both play and relaxation, Cookie is the perfect match. Ready to bring some extra sweetness to your life? Apply to meet Cookie today!




7 months




28 pounds

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