Cookie Lightning

Are you looking to add a delightful touch of sweetness to your life? Meet Cookie, your future best friend! Young and full of joy, Cookie is always ready to brighten your day with her happy and vibrant personality. Despite her tender age, she's remarkably wise and has a knack for fun. True to her name, Cookie adores treats and loves offering her paw in exchange for a tasty snack.If you're seeking a companion for your outdoor adventures, Cookie is your perfect match! Whether it's a run, hike, or a game of fetch, she's always ready to join in the excitement. After an active day, Cookie knows exactly when it's time to wind down and snuggle up for some quality cuddle time.Cookie excels in a home with older children and adults who can guide her to reach her fullest potential. She gets along splendidly with people and other energetic dogs, adding an extra spark of joy to any gathering. While she prefers to keep her distance from feline friends, this just means she'll be even more focused on her human companions.Ready to add a delightful dash of sweetness to your life? Apply now to meet Cookie - she's waiting to bring joy and love into your home!




1 year




36 pounds

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