Become a Foster Parent

Young-Williams Animal Center utilizes Foster Homes to provide temporary
housing to animals in need. Our foster program is an essential component of
YWAC’s mission to find homes for all adoptable animals by engaging the
community to help us expand our holding capacity.


We try to make fostering as easy as possible for foster families! Here is a
break down of the foster process:

Step 1: All animals are examined by our shelter vet. Dogs receive heartworm
tests, flea treatment, vaccines, and dewormer. Puppies receive flea
treatment, vaccines, and dewormer.  Cats and kittens receive Fiv/Felv tests,
flea treatment, vaccines, and dewormer.
Step 2: When the foster family picks up the foster animal(s), we will
provide the supplies needed to care for them. The family is given the direct
contact information for the Foster Coordinator.
Step 3: Once the animal(s) go into the foster home, the foster family is
required to come back at least every two weeks so we can check on the
animal(s) progress and vaccinate. Some animals may need more frequent
recheck appointments than others. The Foster Coordinator will schedule these
appointments with the foster family. All medical issues will be treated by
our shelter vet.
Step 4: As soon as the animal(s) are deemed ready for adoption by the Foster
Coordinator, the animal(s) will be placed directly on our adoption floor. At
that point, they stay there until they have found a forever home. However,
in some cases, you may be asked to re-foster the pet(s) should they need
additional care.

Fun Fact: In most cases the foster family may name their foster pet(s)!

Here are some examples of pets that would require a foster home:
•    Unweaned puppies, kittens, or rabbits with their mother.
•    Puppies, kittens, or rabbits that are old enough to eat on their
own, but not quite big enough to be spayed or neutered.
•    Adult animals that require fostering for injury, recovery, weight
loss/gain, or while waiting for rescue transport.
•    Select young animals that need 5-7 days in a foster home for

There is no cost to the foster families, just a time commitment! If you are
interested, please fill out a foster application to let us know more about
you and what types of pets you would like to foster. You can also email/call
with any questions or comments. Thanks!

Ashley Thomas-Foster Coordinator 865-215-6692

Apply to be a Foster Family