Before Your Appointment: What You Need to Know


  • Pets that are six (6) months of age or older should have nothing to eat after 10:00 the night before surgery.  A puppy or kitten younger than six months of age may have a small breakfast before surgery.
  • If your pet’s rabies vaccination is current, please bring the rabies certificate with you; a rabies tag alone is not sufficient. If your pet’s rabies vaccination is not current, this vaccine is required when your pet is spayed or neutered.
  • Cat owners: Please bring your cat in a carrier, or pillowcase. FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY, CATS MUST BE CONTAINED AT ALL TIMES!
  • Dog owners: Please leave your dog in your car while you check in and fill out your paperwork. Before bringing your dog into the clinic, be sure he/she has had time to use the bathroom. It will make your pet more comfortable. ALL DOGS MUST BE RESTRAINED ON A LEASH OR IN A PET TAXI! This is to protect your pet.
  • You will be informed of pick-up time when you make your pets appointment and at check-in on day of surgery. This will ensure that your pet has had ample time to recover from the anesthesia and surgery before returning home.
  • All fees are due at check-in. You may pay by credit card or with cash. We cannot accept checks.
  • To receive subsidies for your pet’s spay/neuter service fees, please be prepared to provide documentation of need upon request. (Some examples: a bank statement that shows auto deposit of a government check, unemployment award letter, etc.)

Please call (865)215-6677 to schedule an appointment, or for more information about our spay/neuter programs.