Pet Food Pantry

Young-Williams Animal Center’s Pet Food Pantry program is part of our commitment to help build a humane community in Knoxville by temporarily assisting pet owners in Knox County with the needs of their pets during difficult economic times. Hundreds of pets and owners have gotten supplemental food through the program and the demand for assistance has continued to rise. To continue to help meet the needs of other pet owners like you, we have modified our application process. Below are the details.


Please note: this program is not designed to be the only source of food, but rather to assist the owner’s efforts in providing food to their pet.

  • Pet food is available on a first come, first serve basis on the second Saturday of every month between 8 and 9:30am at 3201 Division Street.
  • Only one member of a household may apply for and receive pet food.
  • Food will be provided for no more than three pets.
  • Owners must have had their pets for at least three months to receive food for them.
  • Owners must have proof that their pets are spayed or neutered OR be willing to have all pets spayed and neutered through Young-Williams’ Spay/Neuter Solutions clinics.
  • Recipients may not add ANY pets to their household while receiving food from the program.
  • After the first time an owner receives pet food, he or she must do at least three hours of community service through another nonprofit or governmental agency to receive food again. Proof of this service should be in the form of a signed letter. The information must include the date/s of service, tasks performed and contact information for the supervisor. Community service will be waived if the recipient is physically unable to do so.
  • In lieu of community service, a client can refer friends, family or others to the Young-Williams Spay/Neuter Solutions clinic. The name of the client must be mentioned during the scheduling of the appointment and can be verified by our Spay/Neuter Outreach Coordinator.
  • Young-Williams Animal Center has the right to refuse to give pet food to a client at any time for any reason.


For more information, please contact program administrator: Monica Brown 865-215-6680, email or the main Young-Williams Animal Center at 865-215-6599.

Additional information for low-income pet owner resources available by request.

Pet food Pantry application- revised July 2015