End of Life Services

We do provide owner requested euthanasia services. The fee is $50.00. To schedule this service, please call 865-215-6654.

Young-Williams Animal Center reserves the right to refuse a euthanasia request if the animal is deemed healthy and/or behaviorally sound.


The loss of a pet can be a devastating experience for the whole family.
Knoxville is lucky to have the following businesses to assist you with final preparations:

Resthaven Pet Cemetery and Cremation Services: 865-577-2900
Total Pet (cremation only): 865-609-2885
Yeargens Pet Burial and Cremation Services: 865-988-5555
Tri-County Pet Services: 865-577-2866

If you are interested in making a donation as a memorial for your pet, we have several options from which to choose.
Please call 215-6599 for details or visit the Donation section of this website.